When people ask me what I do or the benefits of hiring a CDFA, I tell them I help people have a kinder, less fearful, more affordable and financially guided (or smart) divorce. This is how a Certified Divorce Financial Planner can make your divorce less fearful.

  • If you and your spouse can settle your divorce, you don’t have to live in fear of how your attorney fees are going to rack up

  • Attorneys don’t provide an analysis of the long term implications of your divorce settlement.  A CDFA will show you your cash flow and net worth, up to 20 years in the future, based on the information you provide and using reasonable assumptions  You will know where you will stand upon divorce and unnecessary worries about whether you can survive financially can be avoided

  • In North Carolina, you have to wait one year after separating to divorce.   Because of that, many attorneys will drag out the process, leaving you wondering and worrying where you will end up

  • Working with a CDFA will allow you to settle quickly.  You aren’t at the mercy of the crowded court system to determine the length of your divorce process.  You will know what your settlement terms are sooner, avoiding months and months, or even years, wondering what your outcome will be.

  • You can decide how to share child custody, rather than a judge.  I recommend couples use an experienced therapist or mediator to come up with a solution that works for them.  What could be more fearful than being at the mercy of a judge to decide how much you can see your kids?

  • A CDFA can help you insure your child or spousal support so you don’t have to worry about what would happen should your ex become disabled or die.