When I tell people what I do, I say I help people have a kinder, less fearful, more affordable and financially guided (or smart) divorce. Settling your divorce out of court is kinder, and this is what I mean.

  • You and your spouse are committed to resolving your divorce with mutual respect for the love you once had, with integrity and transparency

  • You are willing to settle fairly and equitably.  Only YOU can know what it fair and equitable in your situation

  • You want a solution that works for you and your family, not a solution decided by a judge

  • You aren’t going to use an attorney or the court system as a weapon against your spouse

  • You aren’t going to bring your children to court, make them take sides or otherwise make a difficult situation worse for your child

  • You are going to get on with your life, seek love and happiness again, and be kind to yourself

Divorce is hard. I know because I divorced after 26 years of marriage. The divorce process can be less hard if your goal is to be kinder. My goal at The Right Solution is to help you be kinder by allowing you that opportunity.